SOAP helps against night-time leg cramps

Do you recognise that? You are deep a sleep and suddenly you are awoken by a stabbing pain in your calf. Nocturnal cramping, almost everyone has been there, if not yourself, then possibly your room mate.

There is a cure and no it does not have to be as drastic as amputating your leg. It’s: … SOAP.

SOAP that much-needed piece of SOAP
SOAP that much-needed piece of SOAP

Yes, good old SOAP proves to be the Lifesaver.

Stick a bit of soap under your bed sheets, no matter where and whether or not wrapped and snore away. Oh, no wait, that’s rather not so pleasant for your room mate. Well snooze away then.

Sounds like an old wives tale? Yet, it works nicely though. Nobody can give a sensible answer to the question “How does it work”? Don’t have to, because as the saying (1) goes: “do not ask (a stripper) how, just enjoy”.

I say: Give it a try, can’t harm (except your self respect when it turns out to be a hoax).


(1) This saying actually: It’s like watching a stripper… do not ask how she does it, just enjoy what’s coming off

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03/31/2021 at 11:11 pm

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