Cat’s claw: secret weapon against tumor-like inflammation?

It sure sounds like it because since we treat our bouvier Niké with this supplement, the inflammation to his nose and the tumor-like growth to his toes are completely gone and he seems to feel well.

Our Bouvier Niké


It concerns an old dog of 12.5 years now and when the inflammation or the tumor-like growth was found, he was 11 years, at least too old to undergo anesthesia.

We dare not to claim that it is a (whether or not malignant) cancer. For that you need at least a biopsy (piece of tissue) which we also dared not to because of his vulnerable constitution. Now he looks vital and admittedly he runs as an energetic elderly, because that is what he is, of course, but the tumor-like growth is gone and the inflammation as well.

It all started after the death of his half brother Diego, a big werewolf like Bouvier, but with a very gentle nature.

Juvenile werewolf, still growing

Diego had also tumors on his toes, but because of the poor condition of his heart, surgery was no option. Within a year our big canine friend died, in 2014 on new year’s Eve night even and we are still sad of it when we think back, especially so towards the end of the year.

Anyway when Niké developed inflammation on his nose my wife was fortunate to stumble on an article on cat’s claw in which this medication was praised because of its anti-inflammatory effects and there were also good results with dogs. When we discovered in the weeks that followed a tumor-like growth on his toes we feared the worst.

We gave him one capsule every other day and though his nose healed slowly, healing it did and over time also the tumor-like growth to his toes had not grown and now it is completely gone.

Great anyway! Now he can go along with his young girlfriend Nika by his old age … Though he is more interested in sleeping, so I think we should refer to him as Sir Sleepsalot.

Elderly Sir Sleepsalot with girlfriend

Update: isn’t time a wonderful concept? Or as Einstein reportedly has put it; “Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.” which sort of means that our mind is playing tricks with us when we experience our perception of our reality using our senses>

einstein photo

Nike has passed away after having a splendid time with Nika, who herself now is 7 and a half-year-old, a respectable age for a large breed but not the end station, by far… we hope at least, eh…

Now we are on the subject, cos one of the trickiest things I’ve learned in this short time span of what we call life is that we control absolutely nothing, but instead, stumble from one epiphany to the other magical moment. Between which we think to see patterns developing and then driven by an ego, which is both narcissistic by nature as it is selfish, towards a deterministic ending, making life like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you is determinism; the way you play it is free will (Jawaharlal Nehru)…

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