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I wrote his lil’ gem back in my early days as a blogger and though I am aware of the limitless capabilities of good ol’ google’s translation services, I decided to have a go at it myself just to make sure even the English speaking parts of the world can feast their eyeth on this one eh… Anyway, enjoy 😏

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So I have a machine with which I can manipulate time. At least it seems that way because as soon as I crawl behind my keyboard and turn on my PC, something crazy happens with time. During the time I work, play, or “Frobel” as my wife sometimes disrespects me in my “man cave”, WHEN I’M ACTUALLY W ORKIN’ with my PC, time passes more slowly than outside the sphere of influence of this device.

Really and truly.

This morning I went in again unsuspectingly and browse some websites, install a new update of one thing or the other, post a “snippet” on my blog, and arrived 5.5 hours later, completely stunned at the rapid passage of time, “it really didn’t seem like more than an hour baby” blinking again against the sunlight.

I really don’t understand how it can be…

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