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Some Dutch expressions explained … Well, MORE LIKE double Dutch, eh 😁

Alrighty then. It’s that special time of the day that’s the end o’ the day where I can unwind and tell ya a sweet story of some sort or just ask ya to dream away with me lets go to u know >… Fantasy island Yeh, mate

I can almost see ya run with yer wee legs and shouting at the top of yer even more wee lungs: The Plane,The Plane …

Then its time to do yer part of this fantasy island-themed rip-off and fill in the fantasy deets about the end of the world, and ya know it isn’t going to end well when ya would find yerself in the following scenario: One fine morning ya might wake up by some alert system which is informing yer perhaps still (partially) numbed brain, that of all the dirty rotten scoundrels out there trying to get a piece of yer arse, that them Dutch basterds have finally made their move yeh (Please stop laughing)and have occupied yer fine country… Unlikely to happen ya say, trying frantically to compose yerself and NOT to burst out in maniacal laughter πŸ˜‰ eh? Hahaha yeh right

OK, Take that MoFo of a President of us, eh

Doesn’t look like much, eh? Well, haven’ ya learned at the university of life that looks can be deceiving, eh? That one shouldn’t “judge a book by the cover”? So, I dare ya and retake a look…

Doesn’t he remind ya vaguely of a goofy looking character who, after going through a rough patch in his life, indeed transforms himself into a quite powerful opponent threatening all things ya cherish and believe in? Aren’t all those things good and holy?

Exactly, so that’s why I think ya should make yerself a little bit accustomed to getting to know yer opponent. After all, knowledge is power. This axiom is particularly true in the GAMES, we played together, which we all learned to appreciate, yeh?

So I’d like to ask ya to recall that moment in time, when I commented that the wise words of our leader [UIY] Ber spoken after the epic battle we had with our Archenemy [W] Wolves, like the true and courageous warrior he truthfully is, could be compared to a Dutch expression which I deemed applicable, which translated means so much as that it was “as true as a cow” or in slightly lesser insane words that it was as true as a very true thing.

Now I expect ya to realize that we also have another universal law to live up to be the golden rule of thumb (note to self must try to find the source fo all them crazy comparisons, I mean who on earth’s name thinking up al them weird arse expressions, eh?)

I mean: I do understand where that rule must have originated, from what was supposedly being the common practice of a carpenter or a tailor

OH FFS, now see and what ya made me do, ya silly cow (Haha) OH yes, ya made me digress (again) and I best lookup that silly and no doubt pathetic origins of it. Thank feck, I don’t have to cycle to the library first, eh.

I like the part of the reference of the beating of a wife, and now don’t go all apeshit on me about me propagandizing abuse of women cos it’s taken out of its context

After this famous quote of this Dutch prime minister which ya just got to luuurve him for: Tja,”met de kennis van nu” or even put more bluntly : Achteraf bezien Tja, mien jong, dan kijk je een koe in de kont, eh?

Some Dutch expressions are just not suitable for translation; I FOR ONE WOULDN’T BE ME (HUH wot lol πŸ˜‚ ?) If I would not give it a try anyway, So, here goes yeh, mate? Are ya still with me, ok? No dozing off over here cos nodding off can get ya killed as doing translations may be quite a hazardous occupation. I have ya know it, my friends, 😁 Now back to this translated saying: “ya have been fantasizing about all sorts of the most desirable objects while at the end of the day having been staring at a cow’s arse all the friggin time eh,” Doesn’t make much sense eh. I know, right? Crazy Mofos πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ over here fo’ sure bro…

More interesting cow idiom related facts may be found on this webby here:

And not to my surprise, this is the interwebz after all damnit😁 there is even an entire website build around this idiotic sounding expression, and it is called quite appropriately; Https:/ have a look-see at yer own risk of loosing of what’s left of yer marbles eh LOL😐 and should that happen, please hurry the feck back before that side effect may wear off as ya might be understanding Immo even better and thus become an expert on his mindset which Is quite an accomplishment, I’ll give ya that much…

Who knows? Right, anything is possible, and if it can be thought of, who knows, it may become a truth in some other dimension in a galaxy a far, far far away and oh but I digress and by digressing, I create, and therefore I am cos I was thinking something …

Oh, darn, now I lost it…


01/14/2021 at 10:00 pm

Thanks for covering this subject. Do you have plans to go into additional depth?

    Bossy Bastard
    01/16/2021 at 12:03 pm

    mate, you know something, it has now been three weeks since I finished my in-depth research on the subject, yeh? and to be honest with all of you, I hope never to set foot in that office again. Just the thought of having to listen … (BB starts to breathe heavily and spasmodically tries to limit vomiting sounds by muffling them with a silk handkerchief, incidentally, without achieving the desired result)

01/23/2021 at 3:15 am

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03/16/2021 at 7:27 am

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