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Irony: God’s humor or a clear hint to / from yourself 😁

Actually, Parkinson’s disease is a funny disease and mind you I have it myself and can therefore make fun of it as long as I don’t hurt people with it, right?

But hey it will be: the joke, the morning roll, just a nice little something to break the tension, because all things considered it is always exciting to have such an empty page in front of you.

It has been my experience that… oh sorry my young friend, yes I know. You were waiting for it, hey, here it is the quip .. oh feck did I mention huh? Ha, ha, ha, yes, there is indeed one that I sometimes spontaneously forget things and then no longer know where I left off … (but all joking aside, Mr. what you were so famous for <- perfectly past tense, yes, because on the Net you are just as good as the last good thing you did and let’s be fair, shall we; it has been some time since you entertained with your pointed sardonic sense of humor hm?)

Oh yeah…

Do you know why parkies (People with Parkinson’s Disease Red.) Are such welcome guests at parties?


Because of their mixing skillz? Drum ROLL
adam tsssssssssjyyyh

Yes, it is silly, but you can understand why I use irony when we are talking about a sense of humor, right?

Ironically, it started with me, why is this ironic and what is irony anyway? To start with the latter, a popular definition of irony is as follows: ‘Irony’ in early-new Dutch is “mockery-reason” [1] ; in new Dutch “mockery by saying something different than what they mean, or even the opposite” [2] according to the Dutch version of Wikipedia: Irony – Wikipedia

Bakrystreet, b tube station sign displaying situatioal irony
A perfect example of situational lrony; is something like this here: Yes, this can be entrusted to the British; the grandmasters in satire as far as I’m concerned Fig. wiki commons <

Well we know that again. Or rather now that I know this that by saying something different than what I mean, I am doing quite ironically, which in itself is not really surprising since I have apparently been making fun of everything and everyone for almost my entire life. I try to curb its use. That said, what are you still doing here? OH, you are a lover and a connoisseur you say. Hm, well we’ll see.

Okay, let’s go back to the paragraph in which I ask myself why the falling as an event would acquire an ironic charge. Well, I like to explain that, but as you can see I have left out the word “just” this time, which is a harbinger of things to come

Well, anyone who really knows me knows that, contrary to what one might expect from a man born under the zodiac sign Leo, I prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Excuse me, you already indicate that you “have not much affinity with that” with the pseudo science that astrologers populate, but, in spiet of that afore statement i cannot help it but imagine ya about every day a little secretly in the Telegraaf (I am guessing this obviously) on page 2 just past the comics, as I still remember correctly, just quickly scan the text belonging to your zodiac sign eh

Oh wait a minute. No, of course you do not do that because you could not stand it to be labeled light-headed eh, Oh dear me nah, of course that is not possible. No, imagine that with someone with your status quo.


Do you know who was such a hypocrite? MY Father Yes indeed and of the dead we will say nothing but good so then I am immediately finished talking about him.

3…., 2…., 1…., Ok you know me well and better than I expected… Ha ha ha yes, because tell me it must be about something, right?

Well, I agree with you and I admit that ALSO I was almost tempted to say something negative about the man who took care of me for half his life (in his way, yes), but although it wouldn’t take me any effort, I prefer not to. And, no, that is not misplaced respect…, I choose not to do that for reasons of my own and you have to respect that and that is the end of that now, I thought. Right.

Go back one more time to the original angle of this piece of my blog. Do you remember? Irony des traps ha ha ha yes, that sounds nice, huh Naja, as long as my critical game nazi err spell checker does not bleat, eh Because if I hate something unbelievably typhus, it’s those critical, but undoubtedly well-intentioned, because constructive argh no strikethrough, argh thrice argh … lucky they are not redSo don’t get it in your head, I’ll say it again.

Do you see it? Yes, nice because the last thing I would like is not very relevant now, this is for reassurance, but leaving you in utter confusion is not on my so-called “bucket list” oh and for those people who in 2021 still have no idea what a bucket list could be referring tom I would recommend to leave my internet as soon as possible because

A) You do not belong here, that has become painfully clear to us and

B) you have never seen or understood a special film with the same name or worse:

C) You have fallen asleep with it, which forms such a big gap that you and I will probably never have common ground, something that I do not think I will ever regret, but this aside …

Here then; click me lmgtf y


In the other case that they still have some flesh-colored brqin cells left, he probably knows, just like you and I, that Google is your best friend, on the Internet then, huh

By the way, who oh who, ever thought that the brain would be a gruesome, gray, gray, (and that’s how it could be again with van der Looij’s unauthorized use of alliteration )

Nevertheless. Anyone who ever made up that those cells are gray has apparently only seen pictures in such a vague encyclopedia and being a millennium child has no idea what I’m talking about, of course, eh? Encyclopedia is that some kind of wiki, dads? you mumble somewhat apprehensive about an outburst of anger on my part and No, I am not thinking anything. This has nothing to do with a sudden increase in Affection of ya et al …

No, in that respect I am well aware of my fungibility and although I consider myself quite unique, I am also so realistic that we are all interchangeable and so nobody is really indispensable …

Perfect, I thought I had to be half my life, to get even one token of sincere approval from you, my father. OK, I admit that my petroglyph I made at the age of 3 possibly depicted the celebration of your 30th birthday: a fairly successful impression of a slice of dog vomit in an undefined sludge could not get YOUR so expected approval I understand that afterwards. It was the chosen topic, or was it the choice of materials after all?

Hmm, well, after all, it could also have been the, undoubtedly well-intentioned, but nevertheless of a horrifyingly high level of failure, caption that my so dearly beloved mother thought I had to fill in for me …

luv ya mommy

I still see the 3 letters with the question mark triumphantly at the bottom of my creation, while my father, moved or it was a suppressed anger, had hastily tried to cover the same letters with his hand. While I pretended not to notice his mother and my grandmother looking around, while she could only stammer out “what, what is that monstrosity?” Already then the realization dawned on me that the limit of my own ability seems to have been reached the moment your audience can no longer grasp you, so you and I have been warned shall we say …😉

So perfection eh eh we are getting there, Finally, I might add…

But, wait a minute, what’s wrong with this picture, or it doesn’t fit in a perfect image: someone who, stumbling and falling over and over, maneuvers through life as if he were an incarnation of a banter like Charley Chaplin (NOTE to self Investigations: Was Charley C. Also a Parki?)

OH and if I still start referring to all those other, brilliant and successful authors, I am probably also allowed to, right?

YOU as an attentive reader, had of course already made this cross-link SHUFFLE FEET For the reader who is relatively unknown to my “oeuvre” then, let me show myself from my more generous side for a moment and add another reference on top of it ;

Words are not enough

An until recently unspeakable topic addresses the now undeniable fact that words and whole sentences even stick to my increasingly sickening brain, ( FACT !), but doesn’t that actually make me immortal? Hey? what does he say now you think for sure, well then I explain it: “A sick mind is a joy forever” ah, yeh , i seem to hit home or the quarter fell through ha, ha, (yes, I seem to be like one (yes, I enjoyed that one myself)) managed to escape and even published, because that’s the internet for ya really, a large collection of thoughts, whether or not originating in paper form, but now everything digitized, which then again, in order to thus be preserved for posterity, then serves while enjoying a sip of an exotic looking drink .. you can already feel it coming and yes I hear it now. YUP, It’s the Bell of the last Round… It seems to me that it is high time to finish, so that later / tomorrow we can continue unabated and now back to the studio… Hello, yeh this is he, van Looij coming back in …

To sum up: Daddy if you read this in another dimension for example, sorry that for the 50 years which you and I shared together, I seemed such a disappointment… Yes, you read that right dear reader of mine. Seemed, because you and I know better, don’t you, because otherwise you wouldn’t be here, because let’s be honest what distinguishes my blog from all those many other blogs out there hmm?

Yes, how very ,perceptive of ya. I am asking you a question and you may consider that your homework for next time and let us hope for your own good that what I hope to find in the comments is stimulating enough…

just a random image from one of my favo night terrors

Oh, and to close off, possibly a downer, but still something to think about, although I don’t have much hope anymore about what that concerns ( this link takes you to Trouw, note that this article is readable for NOT subscribers  and who can read Dutch😁😁 ) that things will one day work out for us as a species.

But that feeling can also be caused by a shortage of the so-called happiness substance or the dopamine deficiency about which you are informed in a somewhat scientific way in a light tone (That certainly) about the fact that Parkis often are mistakeb for being grumpy (I will save the discussion for next time), which may be fed by a shortage (Ha ha ha if that is not a good example of Irony then I don’t know it anymore eh) of dopamine Ha and that makes me a Janus head

because I am well known to you since my birth, plagued with Asthma and you know what they say about those “asthmatics”, right? No?

BEAUTIFUL, It comes: Asthma sufferers are actually very happy people, aren’t they?

Yes, because they get up whistling and go to bed screeching Ha, ha 

(thats about pushing it Mr. Van Looij don’t ya go there , again 🙄😣😮)


Bossy Bastard
02/11/2021 at 11:14 am

Bhahaaha I likeyer sense of humour a lot mat.e Keep it up, eh 😀

04/01/2021 at 12:58 am

Wow, this post is fastidious, my sister is analyzing such
things, therefore I am going to tell her.

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