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With myself because you know that WHO WRITES, SHALL REMAIN (I can only hope this doesn’t get lost in translation) is a frequently heard statement over here in the Netherlands which is mainly used by our card-playing fellow man M/V AND my dear Mother of course (although the latter PROBABLY DOES NOT KNOW (MORE) ABOUT that, but that aside…

Because I just found out that if you have typed a pretty bulky text and in my experience this is almost always the case, the well-known scribble still has the size Bavarian alps cow bell haha ​​I’ll go there and fetch me later a NICE picture FOR THIS ARTICLE on search

oh well, and now I have to sound surprised again, huh?

Why am I saying that again you’re probably thinking

I’ll explain that. okay ?

But wait YOU ARE ALSO FINDING THAT YES IN THAT CASE I BETTER KEEP SILENCE BECAUSE YOU ARE ALREADY MORE sensible than I could even pretend to be because EXPERTISE based on experience. Yes you can put that one in the collective bag with this one

Actually I was already agreeing (along with you), to that little. startling conclusion reached in a previous ‘piece that unfortunately went to the electronic hunting grounds to enjoy a good glass of whi.., ah but now I digress… what matters is that I have indeed been the victim of a moment by. temporary insanity (at least you would suspect that by now), but wait there is more…. more Steve ?

Oh, now I really do sound like I FINALLY HAVE LOST THEM ALL RIGHT NOW, huh? OK then I’ll go a little deeper into the matter, don’t worry you are in the hands of an experienced specialist.. tell me honestly what do you think of when you read something like this….? hold on your,  also, like many of you, your meager or not possessions even better in the eye…? You should know that I write…. blog. to. to be precise and for me this is the most natural thing in the world, just as it is before. an experienced knitter, is relatively easy to follow the most complicated patterns, that’s how the words string with me as if it were me. under the influence of a magical power *Haha, yes, van Looij. Under the influence of a strong malt whiskey certainly ha ha* Eh what > ​​hm you again and of course just at the moment that I, assuming that such is possible of course,

Um, had a point? I almost mechanically finish the sentence PART OF THE PROPOSITION which my Nemesis just posited and almost burst into a hysterical fit of laughter from which I assume I will not recover this time…if you look very closely you can see the cowbell

Catbell or something else?

because I just found out that in the not-so-imaginary scenario If you’ve typed a pretty bulky piece of text in my experience this is almost always the case and the well-known scribble still has the size Bavarian alps cow bell haha ​​I have now found a nice photo for this article [only for those with really really sharp eyes (OK ok ok and a touch of madness perhaps .🤣) but I am seeing a cat bell in there well I am and ya can all get…..inexplicable muttering fades away when the author is coached away by his ever watchful personal guards…

Oh well, and now I have to sound surprised again, huh?

Why am I saying that again you are probably thinking….

OR are you there now…

Done for ?


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