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This morning I had it again.

Countless ideas popped into my head while I was relaxing under a warm shower.

And now?

Away! POOF like magic gone with Gawd knows

I REALIZE that there are those beautiful Note Blocks (Aquanotes), specially developed for this purpose.

However, I do have something to point out.

Yes, That will be the. Day huh? That I don’t have something to add or comment on. Right.

  • Well, Firstly, I can’t write anymore. Well, I’ve never had that…I mean, of course, beautiful handwriting and not that I sometimes come across as not very coherent (That’s got to be nominated for UNDERSTATEMENT of the year Id’say), but I about the fact that I seem to have developed tiny and scratchy handwriting these days.
  • Second: I can’t see well what I’m writing without reading glasses (or read, but they’re not called writing glasses, are they?)
  • Third, the thought is not academic, at most paranoid: Who guarantees that my brilliant idea will not be stolen? MIND ya; I trust my wife, but who’s to tell me that one of our other housemates (the dog’s Red.) won’t dash off with it?

NAW, I’ll wait until I have a tablet or other PC at my disposal, and then I’ll entrust my fantasies to the internet. Hardly anyone goes there these days, and certainly not on this site.

After yes, take a shower… COLD, of course, that’s it…

Update: the Best Idea in the Shower has even been scientifically proven . THAT it’s all just an URBAN myth, huh? hè?

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