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WELL, NOW why Dontcha feck me silly with a pointy stick, or sumpthin’ eh? I was thinkin’ about that ancient adage a bit when you got this stupid question for me that someone accidentally must have forgotten about because you know it’s true. Somebody popped me that question on our fridge no less, and I couldn’t resist pondering a bit further down that well-traveled road which, granted, has some paramount scenery of which many would have thought it could be the stuff where dreams are made off, that is to say, IF ya know what I am sayin’ there eh, ya old dawg ya”

Immo grins now / which in all truth is not something one would care to see for at it’s mornin’ coffee(NOR for any other time o’ tha day and or beverage I can tell ya that for naught)…, and continues “as we know NOW that’s only the beginning of it, so I helped; with that now darn (IN) famous quote or brainfart: ARE WE JUST LIVING A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM?”

“Oh yes, my dreams, aren’t they?” I sigh, looking eagerly. “INCLUDING the kinky ones?” I ask almost innocently, looking into the camera with an unbecoming mocking look 😮🙄😊YET THAT SEEMS TO ME A FUN Topic of Conversation. In the context of ‘getting to know each other better, I’d like to join in.

ok, I recently had a dream of the two of us, DOH – we had a plane crash and then were – ok admit it’s not very original, but it is a -lucky in an accident scenario – – in a deserted stretch of ocean on an island it was just NOT strictly uninhabited because there was the entire team of bikini less babes, a Swedish beachball team LEAD BY ONE MISS VICTORIA SILVSTEDT, not to mention all the playmates from my stack of playboys, which I had when I was a teenager, hid so well that even I couldn’t find them again -ARGH- No, but honey and you better take that grin off your pretty face because now it comes… Yep, the Twist’ yep, the one which you were waiting all the time with palpitations, without a doubt haha ​​, because you know me well enough to know that a dream as idyllically started as this one must have some perverse angle, especially when the skipper of the love boat in question ALSO turns out to be his alter ego, IMMORTAL, huh?

-Heh- but yeah, and I won’t keep you in suspense any longer “all them babes” #had all become as cannibalistic as the nits young fellar. That was no longer normal eh (#, please think about some flat dialect thanks)- haha- and for us, it had become a matter of survival of the fittest, eh Yeh, well I am sorry to burst yer bubble, kiddo, but I’ll be damned if I would let them babes nibble on me like I am some late-night snack AM I RIGHT yeh? Immo intervened 😀 and yes, then you know what time it is, right? Yes, that’s what I thought too, and nice to see you understand me, but whatever it is:

Then luckily I woke up drenched with (anxiety) sweat, but yes, there must always be something to be desired, isn’t it, so here’s my answer in my inimitable way to your question what I would wish for myself then :

l, if it’s not too much to ask, then I’d like to have that island, and sorry, but that’s a condition I’m strict with knowing now – Hey Mark – (Haha) [reference to our outgoing Prime Minister .red] to hold fast: or WITHOUT those cannibals with or without those silicone tits….”

BECAUSE to conclude with the words of that being as wise as he is supposed to be immortal or believed to be our own IMMO who allegedly when he was first confronted with Miss SILVSTEDT’s ‘JETSERS’ with his such a distinctive voice made the world aware of both an equally unique perceptive and relativistic ability: Hot DANG MISSY them eyeth THEM EYETH, BUT FAKER THAN, er than, well never mind that one eh…

NOTthem eyeth” of the story

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